The Best Northern Thai Authentic dish “Khao Soi Gai” at Baan Ying Singapore

Khao Soi Gai or Northern Thai Curry Noodles with Chicken is a deliciously creamy and slightly spicy yellow curry dish unique to Northern Thailand. The origins of this dish come from the South of China, when Chinese Yunnanese Muslims on their way through Thailand to Myanmar. It’s made with a blend of yellow and red curry spices, coconut milk, chicken broth, soy sauce, and sugar, the ingredients are slowly simmered to develop flavor. Chicken drumsticks and thighs are typically slow cooked in the broth and served as part of the meal. This dish is a must-have if you are visiting Chiang Mai, a very well-known province in Thailand. Actually, Khao Soi Gai can be found in many provinces in Northern Thailand, or even also in Bangkok. However, the original authentic Khao Soi Gai is in Chiang Mai province which is full of tourist attractions and cultures.

At Baan Ying Singapore which is Thai restaurant in Singapore located at Royal Square Novena, we also serve The Best Northern Thai Authentic dish “Khao Soi Gai” Uncle Jeed (Auntie Ying’s husband) was born and raised in Chiangmai, Thailand and our dish “Khao Soi Gai” at Baan Ying Singapore is delicious as well as he has tried at Chiangmai, Thailand since he was young. If you are up for a noodle type curry-ish dish, give it a try. It will likely make the top of your authentic Thai dish must-eat list! 

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