Looking for a new salad Bowl?

Here is a dish with a modest name that has been part of Thai culture for at least couple of hundred years. Traditionally Thai salads are divided into three main categories based on the dressing type. The most popular salads are those with with clear dressings made of lime juice, fish sauce, crushed chilies and a touch of sugar.

Fruit salads, like Pomelo and mango are made with what is referred to as “black dressing” (Yam Dam) made of palm sugar, fish sauce, tamarind juice, coconut cream and roasted chili paste.

In this beautiful and simple dish, The sweet-sour juice exploding Pomelo pulps are smoothing on the tangy, salty, sweet and hot creamy dressing and crunching with fried bacon (Baan Ying’s recipe). The salad is meant to be assembled at the last minute, so all of the flavors stay crisp and clean.
Thank you : https://thaifoodmaster.com/origin/central_plain_and_bangkok_cuisine/34#.XZr9nUxuKuU
Thank you : https://www.adayinthekitchen.com/shrimp-pomelo-salad/

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